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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Why should I use an Inspection Company?

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What are the benefits of using a third party to control the quality of my products?

  • Professionalism: working procedures developed for each product category
  • Independence: reporting defect directly to client
  • Integrity: Code of Conduct signed by both factory and inspector
  • Reliability: objective results based on AQL
  • Safety: on-site specific testing by product range
  • Standards compliance: based on International Safety Standards
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Why should I choose Cotecna as my quality partner?

  • Personalization: we provide personalized, tailor-made services adapted to client’s specific needs
  • Turnaround time: we will provide a quotation within 1 working day
    • You may book us as late as 3 working days before an inspection
    •  Your reports will be available within 24h after the inspection
  • Value for money: we design custom-made solutions at very competitive prices
  • Expertise: our inspectors and auditors are highly qualified specialists in a specific product category
  • Experience: all our inspectors have a minimum 2 years of experience in their area of expertise
  • Network: more than 30 service delivery centers in Asia, global presence in close to 60 countries
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Can Cotecna help in sourcing and choosing new suppliers?

As a third party Inspection Company, it would be a conflict of interest to be judge and party while we inspect/audit factories. Our integrity policy (click read our business ethics policy) does not allow us to advise you in the choice of your factory or vendor. We are, and have to remain, neutral.

However, Cotecna can help to evaluate suppliers via our factory audit services.

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How does Quality Control help my company's business development?

Detecting defects at an early stage and providing guidance for improvement along the production line will avoid exported products to be rejected at destination. As a consequence, imported products which have been inspected are safer and will therefore generate better sales.

Furthermore, conducting Quality Control inspections will help you control your production costs by early detection of problems in the factory and avoid costly delays.

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How to book an inspection or audit?

1. Click on the Request an Inspection button to create an order online.
2. Fill out the form and upload any useful documents (such as the proforma invoice, product description & photos, etc.) that our team can use to contact the factory and establish the quotation (within 1 working day)
3. You will receive an email with a price quotation, sample size, inspection date and booking form for your confirmation of acceptance.
4. Complete, sign and return the booking form to us for our immediate action. Our operations team will confirm the inspection with the factory. You will be informed of any change as soon as we are aware of it.
5. One working day after the inspection, you will receive the report and the corresponding invoice payable 30 days net (for regular clients; new clients should pay in advance unless specified otherwise).

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Booking form: is there deadline for submission?

The booking form can be submitted as late as 3 working days before the inspection is to be scheduled. The booking form is the confirmation of your acceptance to proceed with the inspection.  The inspection date will be confirmed as soon as the form is received.

The booking form is sent to you with our reply to your request for an inspection quotation.

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Can I receive inspection updates during the inspection process?

As soon as the order is confirmed and the inspection scheduled by our operation team, we can provide you with regular updates and you can contact us at anytime for additional information. 

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Can I make changes to my inspection request after it has been confirmed?

Yes, you may send us updated information, during working hours, up to the day before the inspection is due.

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Can I cancel my inspection order?

You can cancel your order up to 24 hours before the inspection is scheduled to take place.

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How is a quotation calculated?

We calculate the number of man-days needed to conduct the inspection according to the elements you provided, such as: the factory location, the number of different products, the total quantity ordered, and the sample size level.

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What is and why should I provide a golden sample?

A golden sample is a perfect prototype, approved by you and matched to your requirements.  It is used by the Inspector to as a control sample to conduct the inspection with comparative elements that will help to detect defects in production. 

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Where should i send the golden sample?

You can either send the golden sample directly to our nearest office or to the factory in a sealed pack with your signature or any trustable proof so that our Inspector can rely on it to conduct this service.

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When will I receive the inspection report?

Within one working day after the inspection has been completed.

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Can I receive the inspection report on the same day? Is there an additional cost?

Upon prior request, we can provide you with a short notice on the same day of the inspection, at close of business. It is free of charge. It will mention major critical defects, if any,  or pass results. The final report will be sent to you one working day after the inspection was completed.

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What happens after the inspection has been carried out?

The inspection result and report are provided directly to you as our client. You will then decide according to the finding of the report if you wish to proceed with the shipment , or if further improvements are necessary,  or if a re-inspection is needed.

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What are our payment terms and process?

Our payment terms are 30 days NET for regular clients. We require new clients to settle payment before the inspection. After the quotation is accepted, you can either request a PayPal invoice or T/T transfer. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a Paypal notification or an email confirmation from us. An Account Manager will then liaise with you to follow up on your order.

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