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New EU timber regulation in 2013

11 Oct 2012

Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 (20th October 2010) of the European Parliament and of the Council lays down the new obligations for operators who put timber and timber products on the market. This regulation, also known as the (Illegal) Timber Regulation, will be enforced on 3 March 2013 and covers a broad range of timber products, including: solid wood products, flooring, plywood, pulp and paper. Not included are recycled products, as well as printed papers such as books, magazines and newspapers. Packaging, which is used only for supporting a final product, is also exempt. Both imported and domestically produced timber and timber products are included.

The objective of this new Regulation is to prohibit any timber or timber product that has been harvested illegally to appear on the consumer market. The other challenge of this rule is to implement a traceability system reliable enough to identify traders or retailers supplying timber and timber products. Tracking documents should be conserved for a period of five years showing records of trades.

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