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Insufficient quality control on yoga pants results in USD$60 million loss for Lululemon

06 May 2013
Yoga enthusiasts were shocked when market leader, Lululemon Athletica, was forced to recall millions of yoga pants due to the use of an overly transparent fabric known as Luon.

Lululemon’s Chief Executive, Christine Day, said that the company did not know exactly why this had occurred as the products had passed quality-assurance tests.

Yoga clothes inspectionFollowing this announcement, company stock dropped 7%. Furthermore, and more importantly, Lululemon will suffer a permanent loss in brand reputation – retailing at around USD$100 per pair, customers will find themselves hard-pressed to pay that much for a faulty product and no return policy.

The recall has now leveraged Nike, Under Armour and boutique brands into the market, where they previously struggled because of Lululemon’s domination.

The yoga apparel company is said to undertake their quality control inspections in-house. Using a third party inspection company like Cotecna would avoid manufacturing catastrophes similar to the one Lululemon faced.

With 39 years of experience, Cotecna elaborates tailor-made programmes for the specific needs of each client and strives to understand the features concerning quality that are essential to your products.

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