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Triman logo - France implements new recyclability logo for Consumer Goods

17 Feb 2015

Starting from January 1st 2015, all consumer products (with the exception of glass, batteries, electric/electronics and products generating household waste chemicals) in France that have recycling/sorting needs are required to adopt the Triman logo.

The Triman logo is designed to inform consumers that certain products come with a sorting instruction for their recyclability. The logo is best placed on the product itself, however, whenever this is not possible the logo can be placed on the product packaging, a product insert or a dematerialized support (e.g. website). Wherever the Triman logo is depicted, it needs to include sorting/recycling requirements for all parts of the product as well as its packaging.

Nevertheless, this new legislation is met with strong resistance from companies and industries, proclaiming that without proper and prior education the new logo will only confuse consumers, as the logo has numerous levels and is quite complex on its own. Furthermore, each E.U state has individual waste management labels and practices, and the Triman logo, if the product is sold throughout the E.U, will be unknown to the wider European consumer.

French Consumer Goods manufacturers have a six-month window to change their packagings/products to accommodate the new logo, however, there are no specific governmental sanctions established yet that reprimand violators not using the Triman logo.

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