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Top Toy Trends of 2015 by The Toy Industry Association

22 Jun 2015

The American Toy Industry Association recently released the top toy trends for 2015. The most popular were toys with dinosaur and aquatic themes, but a total of seven categories are predicted to be in high demand this year.

The seven themes are:

  1. DAWN OF THE DINOSAUR: largely due to the release of the blockbuster film, Jurassic World. Ranging from books and plush toys to scientific games, dino-themed toys will be seen the most on shelves.
  2. UNDER THE SEA: toys that are aquatic themed or involve water play, particularly as dolls, games, collectibles and outdoor toys, are predicted to be very popular. Some of these toys will be based on educating kids about underwater life.
  3. MAKER MOVEMENT: toys that allow kids to build and create items that are unique to them. In 2014 this category grew by about 13% from the previous year. These toys provide children with a sense of pride from their unique build, as well as develop critical cognitive skills through play.
  4. OPEN-ENDED PLAYTIME: games and toys that promote creativity and problem solving skills by allowing kids to explore and decide how they want to play based on their own preference. These are toys/games that have very few rules but a lot of flexibility and freedom of play.
  5. MINI MADNESS: miniature toys and figurines. These are often novelty toys, high quality versions of existing toys, and collectibles.
  6. “SMART” PLAY: toys that provide an educational and academically focused play. They try to educate kids in subjects of STEAM: Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math.
  7. TOP IN TECH: new technologies and youth electronic toys that are for the tech-savvy kids. These toys will either allow kids to be immersed in new technologies/virtual worlds or allow them the flexibility to create their own games or customize the toy/tool.

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